Hello and Welcome… I’m “Neugman”, better known as John Neugebauer by family and friends. The “nickname” may be a bit goofy… but lets face it…Neugman is both easier to spell and less difficult to pronounce.

     I have been painting in acrylics for about 25 years. Unfortunately, I started my art career in my late 40’s and it has taken me awhile to learn, so a “priceless masterpiece” has yet to and I am confident never will… materialize. However, I would like to think I am getting better at it with a great deal of help from real artists, talented friends and instructional videos. Of course that would be open to debate depending on your point of view, individual preferences and eyesight!

My latest work is featured at the top of this page and I will be updating this as new work is completed. Please visit  My Galleries” Salons  A&B to explore other recent works and some “wacko”stuff from who knows when.

Our “Visitors Gallery” welcomes the works of other aspiring artists.. In some cases special friends and talented family members. I encourage you to visit the Visitors Gallery often as we will post new work continuously.

If you would like to show artwork that you created, please contact me at  neugman2@gmail.com  and we can discuss what is required to get your art on display (image size, description etc…) There is no charge or hidden agenda for participation on my site but I get to make all decisions as to what is displayed and when. Common sense and reasonably good taste are required.

Thanks so much for visiting!